Choosing the Best Wedding Cars Melbourne.

Are you all set for your big day? Have you planned out every detail and made sure your wedding is organized?

Imagine you in your beautiful dream wedding dress; waiting for your transport to bring you to your wedding location wherein you have worked for months or years to plan and set, your groom, family and friends are waiting. But, few minutes after the agreed time no car showed up, almost an hour still nothing – can you imagine how terrible this would feel and how this has a domino effect on the entire wedding day? A different vehicle came instead of the one you originally chose? not even presentable enough to transport such a beautiful bride?

You can only do this once, and it has to be perfect, just as perfect as how you have planned every part of your wedding. Everything is set according to a timeline, getting to your wedding location is the first and most valuable step you should consider.

Choosing the best Wedding cars Melbourne that suits your wedding theme, may it be a vintage, sports car or any car model that you like is essential.

Wedding Cars Melbourne

Here are few steps to guide you in finding the best Wedding cars Melbourne hire service to transport you from your road to Miss to Mrs.

Before you begin your search, make sure that you both have an idea in mind as to not end wasting both of your time.

What do we want?

How do you want your car service on your wedding day? What fits your wedding theme? Do you want to channel an inner Marilyn Monroe vibe and go with the all-time elegant vintage cars?  Or opt for a sports car that represents the Bonnie and Clyde team-up of you and your groom? Your choice of a car should reflect you as a couple.

What do we need?

Yes, this matters. Please keep in mind when choosing the best car for your wedding; you do not only consider what both of you want but the need as well. Where is the location of your wedding? How many people will be with you inside the car? –Will you need more than two-seater sports car? Will you be wearing a wedding gown with a fuller skirt; will you fit in and have space to be comfortable enough inside the wedding car?


Once you have a list of cars or car types, this should go hand in hand with how much you are going to allocate for the car service. In wedding planning, financial budgeting is a crucial part. You should check for Wedding Cars Melbourne services that offer a great service but within your price range.

Quality and Reliability

Once you have found the operator for your wedding car, make sure to have a thorough research about them. Nowadays it is very easy to know about a certain service, feedback and reviews are all over the Internet. It would even be a bonus if someone close to you knows about them and can vouch for their reliability and good service. Always expect the unexpected, you should find the wedding cars Melbourne service operator that does not only present to your plan A, but plan B should be available. What if the car breaks down midway to wedding location? What if the car won’t start?  what are the options, how will you go about it?  You can’t afford to be stressed out on your wedding day. Details as little as these are to be considered.

All above are delivered by Western Chauffeurs, we have been a part of many memorable weddings and our service has never failed, from on-time pick-up, excellent service, presentable chauffeurs to a well-maintained vehicles – we have always been the top choice for wedding transport.